Class Reunion Survey

Dear Classmates,

This is a survey to see what interest we have in some activities for our 40th Reunion in June.   First of all,  I will apologize in advance for not really knowing what I am doing with this site and some it's features, like this survey.  So I am not sure how this will turn out.

But hopefully it will get across what we are trying to accomplish.   The idea is to have you tell us if any of the ideas we have are ones your are interesting in doing.

Check it out and give as much information as this survey allows.   Let see how it works!

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1)   Options for our 40th Class Reunion. Pick the one or ones you most like or would be interested in.

  Go to Dodger/Rockies game on Saturday. Rent a bus and a suite at the game. Cost around $80 person
  Concert at Red Rock on Saturday night. Could go from baseball game to Redrocks as one event. Cost $65 for ticket. Big Head Todd and the Monsters
  River Rafting the Poudre River west of Ft Collins. Not sure of cost, trying to gage interest
  A trip up old Fall River Road with a picnic at Endovalley or somewhere
  A visit to the old school. Walk the halls, see the classrooms etc. Picnic at the park nearby