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DeAnna Aldrich (Wederski)   
Kathie Bates
Barney Binns    
Jayne Calender (Johnson)   
Bruce Crowley   
Marilyn Duell (Cowen)    
Judy Eder (Sandage)    
Tom Gundell
Cindy Haynes (Raymond)   
Ron Hersh   
Rick Johnson
Cheri Kuhn (Ruefer)   
Jody Makinster (Ballard)
Leslie Netting (Gallup)   
Susan Perney (Harris)   
Mike Priestly
Scot Ritchie   
David Smith
Randy Smith    
Susie Statham (Doughty)   
Scott Sutter   
Becky And Rock Tallman
Connie Tedder (Barr)   
Sharon Tedder (Sprague)   
Nancy Wilson (S Wilson)   
Dan Young